About Pepe

Jose ‘Pepe’ Orihuela was born in Bolivia and raised in Perú. That’s where his passport is from. He speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent and English with an American one but people think he is ‘gringo’ or Argentino. He’s also been told French, Russian, ‘you look like Dr. House without the beard’, or ‘with sunglasses you resemble Pierce Brosnan’ and ‘I have a friend who looks just like you’. He prefers Indiana Jones for comparisons and would like to have his passport too.

He talks like a cynic but believes in love with blind faith, or else he wouldn’t be on the other side of the Pacific. He trusts the Mayan predictions about an essential change in the world happening soon. He loves to see how scientists defend how little they understand about the world they live in. Somehow when there’s talk about ‘the end of the world’ people show their true side. He considers himself to be lucky to live in such times and awaits to see what happens. He thinks Mother Nature is the only true democrat.

He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is little by little settling in and feeling more at home. He thought writing about the life of an immigrant was an interesting idea. What do you think?

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3 responses to “About Pepe

  1. amazonbirdingexp

    I think Pepe should put a picture of him so people know who’s Pepe talking about 🙂

  2. Jajaja I love your descrpition of yourself! Just remember that my Moms thinks that you look like Hugh Grant

  3. mayo

    Yo pienso que tienes una mirada muy limpia y eso es lo que hace que la gente te quiera sinceramente!! Yo te quiero, sin que seas ninguno de esos guapos que mencionas 🙂

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